2nd Lieutenant William Laird

Biography of 2nd Lieutenant William Laird

William Laird was born in Hollybush in Ayrshire on the 11th of October 1897. He was the son of James Laird, a solicitor, and Mrs. Laird, whose occupation is not listed. He matriculated at the University of Glasgow at the age of 18 in 1915, with the intention of studying Agricultural Science. In his first year of study he signed up for Mathematics, Chemistry, and Natural Science.

His studies were interrupted at some point during his first year of University by the war. He left the University of Glasgow before his second year began to join with the Officer Cadet Battalion, and was then gazetted to the Coldstream Guards where he would remain until his death. During the course of the War, he became 2nd Lieutenant to the 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards who, during the time of his death, were engaged in the Battle of Cambrai. It is possible that he died during this battle, though there is no confirmation of this statement. He died on the 1st December 1917, aged 20.

He is buried at Metz-un-Couture cemetery in Pas de Calais, France.


2nd Lieutenant William Laird
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Regiment: Coldstream Guards
Degree: Student
Awards: N/A
Comments: Killed in action 1 December 1917
Note/Press Clipping: Ch 4/4/2/3/735
Photo ID: N/A


Registry records of the University of Glasgow: Matriculation slip R8/5/36/3

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

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