Captain Francis John MacCunn

Biography of Captain Francis John MacCunn

Francis John MacCunn was born in Liverpool in 1888, the son of Professor J MacCunn of Liverpool University and a former Snell Exhibitioner. Francis studied at Rugby School and then went to the University of Oxford, Queen's College where he graduated BA BLitt in Classics and History. He then worked as a lecturer in the University of Glasgow's History Department and published a volume titled, 'The Contemporary English View of Napoleon'.

He had been a member of the Officers Training Corps at both Oxford and Glasgow and was therefore early into battle, joining the Camerons and soon becoming a Captain. He was killed exactly one year to the day after joining the Battalion at the Battle of Loos on the 26th September 1915.

The University Library's Special Collections Department's Book of the Month Exhibition webpage that goes into fascinating detail about his year of service and includes letters written by him and images from his time in the army.


Captain Francis John MacCunn
Rank: Captain
Regiment: 6th Cameron Highlanders
Degree: BA BLitt
Awards: N/A
Comments: Killed in action
Note/Press Clipping: CH4/4/2/3/1286
Photo ID: MS Gen 1376/11/1


This information was taken from the University Library's Book of the Month Exhibition

Memorial Place: Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Debt of Honour Register

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