Lieutenant Robert Colin Christison

Biography of Lieutenant Robert Colin Christison

Robert Colin Christison was one of a successful class that included Captain George Melven Harley, Hamilton Dickson, and F B Davidson.

The eldest son of Mr and Mrs George Christison, 2 Kelvinside Gardens, Robert Colin Christison (better known as Bertie) was born on 22nd February 1891, and started his schooling at Hillhead High School. At School he took a leading part in athletics, winning many medals and other trophies in the various departments of sport. He was captain of the Rugby team and a sergeant in the Junior Officers Training Corps. He was for a time secretary, and afterwards president, of the Literary Club, which flourished greatly under his leadership.

Following school Robert studied at both the University of Glasgow and the Royal Technical College. In 1912 he graduated as Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the university. He enrolled as an evening student of the Glasgow and West of Scotland Technical College (subsequently known as the Royal Technical College, now the University of Strathclyde) just before graduating, in the session 1911-12, where he took a course in Motor Car Engineering and qualified for a first-class certificate of merit. The student register gives his occupation as ‘Engineer’, and his address as 2 Kelvinside Gardens. Christison returned to the College in session 1913-14 to take one evening class in Steam Turbines, for which he similarly gained a first-class certificate of merit, and another evening class in Wiring and Fittings.

Soon after war began he was given a commission in the 10th Gordons. At Loos, on 25th September 1915, owing to the illness of his captain, he led his company into battle, and was last seen on the slopes of Hill 70, wounded, while rallying his men. His commanding officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Wallace wrote regarding him,

"I thought so highly of your son and his qualities of leading that I specially selected him for promotion. He was doing a captain's duties, and commanded his company at the Battle of Loos and the taking of Hill 70. I have the highest possible opinion of your son as a man and an officer, and the suspense about his fate is a great personal distress to me and to everyone, for he was universally popular."



Lieutenant Robert Colin Christison
Rank: Lieutenant
Regiment: 10th Gordon Highlanders
Degree: BSc
Awards: N/A
Comments: Missing
Note/Press Clipping: Ch 4/4/2/3/416
Photo ID: N/A


Obituary: Hillhead High School War Memorial Volume (War Memorial Committee, 1921)

Memorial Place: Commonwealth War Graves Commission ' Debt of Honour Register

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