2nd Lieutenant Andrew Douglas

Biography of 2nd Lieutenant Andrew Douglas

Andrew Douglas was born in 1895, son of Andrew Douglas and Annie France Douglas.

At Glasgow, he studied Mathematics and Natural Philosophy (Physics) for three years, however the war interrupted his studies. As an Officer Cadet in the OTC, Andrew had already been appointed probationary 2nd Lieutenant in the Black Watch (Royal Highlanders) on the 24th March 1915, so that he could join his regiment as soon as term ended.

He was sent to France in September 1915, but it was only when they were sent to Mesopotamia, as part of a relief column for the outpost at Kut in Iraq, that his 2nd Lieutenant rank was confirmed.

The Evening Times noted his being wounded in January 1916. He was wounded again, more severely, in the defence of Kut on the 13th February 1916 and died six days later. He is buried at the Amara War Cemetery in Iraq.

In 1917 the Registrar posthumously approved Douglas's three years of study as worthy of an Honours degree.


2nd Lieutenant Andrew Douglas
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Regiment: 3rd Bn. attd. 2nd Bn. Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
Degree: Student
Awards: N/A
Comments: Died of wounds, 19th February 1916
Note/Press Clipping: Ch 4/4/2/3/424, 689
Photo ID: Ch 4/4/2/2/68a

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