Women in the University

Anne Anderson title=As Gender Champion and Vice Principal and Head of the College of Social Sciences, I am delighted to welcome you to the Women in the University pages. As a graduate of the University of Glasgow I am very proud of the contribution that women have made as benefactors and supporters and as students and staff, to make this University the great institution that it is today. Women have played an increasingly important and visible role within the university over the centuries. In 1883 the Queen Margaret College was launched here to provide the first higher education opportunities for women in Scotland. We recently named our new post-graduate club in honour of one of our pioneers, Dr Marion Gilchrist, the first women medical graduate in Scotland. As an undergraduate in the 1970s, I was a Board member of the Queen Margaret Union, then an all women union and one of our happiest moments was writing to congratulate Professor Delphine Parrott on her promotion as the first women professor in the University of Glasgow’s history. We have progressed a great deal in terms of gender equality since then. There is still however more to be done. I am very pleased that the University is actively pursuing improving women’s career progression through both the Athena Swan Programme and the Gender Equity Charter schemes. In the following pages I hope you find something to inform and inspire you when you read the fascinating history of Women in the University.

Professor Anne Anderson

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Visit the University of Glasgow's Equality and Diversity Unit or for more information about gender history visit the University of Glasgow's Centre for Gender History.