Zoology Museum


The Zoology Museum, located in the Graham Kerr Building, was designed to house the Hunterian Museum's zoological collections. It is a show-case for the animal world and highlights its diversity. As well as extensive collections of corals and shell, it is abundantly rich in insect life.

The Museum is laid out in the manner of a Greek temple with a Doric peristasis (colonade or row of columns) around the central top-lit display/working area and a surrounding outer pteron (aisle) for wall display cases. Sir John Graham Kerr was very particular about how the collections were to be presented, which included a preference for black velvet backgrounds in the display cases and black descriptive labels with gold text.

The Museum was designed by Sir John James Burnet (with input from Graham Kerr) and built from 1922 to early 1924. It was designed to be located centrally between the main lecture theatre and the elementary laboratory to encourage the use of its collections.


Zoology Museum
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