One A The Square


One A The Square is located on the ground floor of the Gilbert Scott Building's west wing.

The west wing was originally known as the Arts Block and was designed by Sir John James Burnet to provide more space for the Arts Faculty. Planning began for the Arts Block in 1913 but building was postponed due to the outbreak of The Great War. Building took place between 1923 and 1929 and was funded through Carnegie Trust Grants and subscriptions to the Chapel which was to become a memorial to the dead of the 1914-1918 war.

The west wing provided classrooms, class libraries, rooms for professors, and a staff club (also referred to as the College Club and One A The Square) including a common room, dining room, writing room and kitchen. In 1933 George Gilbert Scott's fireplace from the Senate Room (now Turnbull Room) was relocated to the staff common room.

One A The Square now comprises a café and brasserie open to staff, students, and visitors to the University. The rooms are also used for wedding receptions.


One A The Square
Record last updated: 22nd May 2015