Kelvin Gallery


The Kelvin Gallery, named for Lord Kelvin, occupies the Upper Halls of the Hunterian Museum and the original University Library in the Gilbert Scott Building. The cathedral-like space features cast-iron colonnades, galleries and open timberwork roofs.

The University Library was the first of the main spaces to be fitted when the University moved to Gilmorehill in 1870, however fitting of the Rare Book Room was still in progress in November 1871. The upper Library was designed to hold 65,000 ornamental volumes, while the lower Library, now the Hunter Halls, was built for 80,000 volumes and a further 40,000 items were to be accommodated in smaller rooms. In 1968 the library was moved to the new Whitfield building located on Hillhead Street.

From 1999-2001, the Kelvin Gallery was refurbished and lighting/sound gantries and acoustic sails were added by MkW Design Partnership. During this time Christian Shaw designed stained and painted glass roundels inspired by biological and electrical microscopic imagery for the west gable.

The Kelvin Gallery is currently used as a venue to hire.


Kelvin Gallery
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