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Allan Macfarlane Turner


Allan Macfarlane Turner, the son of William Macfarlane Turner and Alice Mary Knox Turner, was a member of the University of Glasgow Officers Training Corps from 1913 to 1914.

Image of Allan MacFarlane Turner

Turner served in the 5th HLI in the Mediterranean with a number of other University of Glasgow men, including fellow officers Second Lieutenant Ralph Edward May, Lieutenant George A Sillars, Captain James Gordon Milne, Major Andrew Marshall Downie, and battalion Commanding Officer Colonel Frederick Lansdowne Morrison.

The officers of the 5th HLI published an account of the battalion's service in the Mediterranean. They relate Turner's death at Krithia nullah as follows:

Another small party whose work was to establish a dump for stores and ammunition went forward under the charge of Lieut. Turner and C.Q.M.S. Stewart. Lieut. Turner was mortally wounded and C.Q.M.S. Stewart killed before the dump was established. It will be gathered that the casualties were extremely heavy, all five officers of "C" Company having been killed or wounded within a few minutes of entering the trench, and at 4 o'clock Captain Morrison was taken from his company which was in support and sent forward into G11A [a trench between the East and West Krithia nullahs] to take command.

Turner is buried in the Pink Farm Cememtery, Helles, Turkey.