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Adrian Connell Taylor


Adrian Connell Taylor was born on 11th August 1892, and was the youngest son of Archibald and Jean Connell Taylor, Myrtlebank, Kilmarnaock.

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He entered Kilmarnock Academy in 1898. Whilst at the Academy he received the Craig Medal for excellence in class subjects, and the Fortune Medal for his essay on Alexander Smith (a Kilmarnock born poet of the early 19th Century). He was Secretary of the Literary Society and editor of the Gold Berry magazine.

Adrian joined the University in 1911, talking classes in Latin and Greek in his first year. In his second year he took English, Moral Philosophy and Botany, followed in his third year by classes in Zoology and Higher Moral Philosophy. He completed his MA in 1914, graduating on the 21st November. He had already enrolled to study Medicine, but the War intervened to prevent this.

He had been commissioned as 2nd Lieutenant in the Highland Light Infantry even before he graduated, and attended the graduation in his uniform, one of the first students to do so.

Adrian was promoted to Lieutenant in December 1915 and arrived in France on the 13th July 1916, but by the time of his death at Zuycoote, on the 24th September 1917, he was acting Captain. He was only 25.

As well as the University Roll of Honour, he is commemorated on the City of Glasgow Roll of Honour, and the Kilmarnock Academy Roll of Honour, which ends with the verse:

"I will go forth ’mong men, not mailed in scorn,

But in the armour of a pure intent;

Great duties are before me and great songs,

And whether crowned or crownless when I fall

It matters not, so that God’s work is done."

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