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William Garrow Shand


William Garrow Shand was born on 26 November 1881 in Lanark, son of John and Grace Shand and he attended Lanark Grammar School, a school with a pedigree dating back to 1183.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

He entered the University of Glasgow in 1898, and graduated MBChB in 1903. He was much commended, and received prize awards in each year of study, including the junior Surgery Medal in 1902. After serving as surgeon with Anchor Line, he took up an assistant's post with a practice in Manchester, before opening his own practice in Salford. Between 1908 and 1912 he served as a Socialist member of Salford Council, and took an active part in committees dealing with health, improvements, electricity and distress. He signed up in 1915, and it was natural that he be attached to a Lancashire Regiment, the Lancashire Fusiliers.

He was commissioned as temporary Lieutenant on 1 July 1915, and by the time of his death had attained the rank of Captain. He was wounded on 24th July 1916, having been on duty under fire almost continually for three days, and died on 25 July 1916. He was aged 34.

He is buried in Corbie Communal Cemetery extension, in Northern France, and his grave includes the citation “Man's Inhumanity to Man Makes Countless Thousands Mourn”. His mother, who still lived in Lanark, had requested this. He is also commemorated on the Salford War memorial.