Roll of Honour


Thomas Cameron Houston


By the time that Thomas Houston began his medical studies at the University of Glasgow in 1909 his father, Robert, an Iron Merchant, had died. Thomas was born in Glasgow on the 21st November 1888 to Elizabeth Jane Houston at 67 St James Street, Tradeston, Glasgow but grew up in Ayrshire, where the family lived in Muirkirk.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

He was a pupil at Kilmarnock Academy and was remembered there as a sociable young man with a repertoire of witty stories and a particular interest in Chemistry. He was known by ‘a characteristic tilt of the head’ and ‘a merry twinkle of the eyes behind his eyeglasses’. His path through Medicine was a determined one and he graduated in 1915.

A member of the Officer Training Corps, he took a commission with the Royal Army Medical Corp’s Lowland Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance, which had its headquarters in Yorkhill. In 1916 he was attached to the 5th Bn. Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) at the Somme. The medics who attended casualties at High Wood, near Bazentin le Petit, were exposed to constant bombardment.

Thomas, now Captain Houston, was killed on the 25th August 1916 after just three weeks of active service. He was twenty-seven. Captain Thomas Cameron Houston was buried at Dernancourt Communal Cemetery, where the field ambulance units buried the fallen between September 1915 and August 1916.