Officers of the University

For information on the Officers of the University throughout history click on the links below. The University Calendar contains information about the University's current organisational structure. View more about the current officers of the University here.

The Chancellor is the titular head of the University and is elected to the post for life by the General Council, of which they are President. More about the office of Chancellor

The Rector is elected by the matriculated students of the University and the main role of the Rector is to represent the University's students. More about the office of Rector

The Principal is appointed by the University Court and is responsible to that body for the running of the University. More about the office of Principal

Vice-Principals are assigned their duties by the Principal. A Vice-Principal may deputise for the Principal as president of the Senate. More about the office of Vice-Principal

The Clerk of Senate has status equivalent to that of a Vice-Principal, and responsibility for matters to do with the regulation of academic policy and practice and the provision of advice and judgement on matters of an academic nature. More about the office of Clerk of Senate

The Dean of Faculties is an honorary post, elected by the Senate for a period of three years. More about the office of Dean of Faculties