Queen Margaret Hall (1894-1964)


Queen Margaret Hall was a residence for the women students of Queen Margaret College, named after Margaret, Queen of the Scots (c1045-1093) and Saint. She was the wife of Malcolm III and was a pious woman devoted to the Church and to charitable works.

In 1894 Lilybank House in Hillhead became Queen Margaret Hall, a residence for women students. It was run by Queen Margaret Hall Ltd until 1923, when the University took responsibility for its management.

In 1936 the Queen Margaret Hall amalgamated with Robertson House, which had opened in 1926 at 2 University Gardens. The University then acquired 9 Bute Gardens (named Melville House in honour College Mistress Frances Melville ), and a small hotel located at 18-19 Bute Gardens (named Galloway House in honour of College Secretary Janet Anne Galloway) in 1946. In 1948 20 Bute Gardens was added to Galloway House and in 1958 Southpark House was also acquired, with the result that the Hall's accommodation was offered in five different buildings, housing 114 women students and six members of the University's teaching staff.

A new Queen Margaret Hall of Residence in Bellshaugh Road, Kirklee, was designed by architect Walter NW Ramsay and officially opened on 6 November 1964. It was extended in 1967 and opened to men as well as women students. The building was demolished in 2000 and more modern student accommodation was erected on the site, opening in 2002.


Queen Margaret Hall (1894-1964)
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