Queen Margaret Hall (1964-2000)


Queen Margaret Hall was a residence for the women students of Queen Margaret College, named after Margaret, Queen of the Scots (c1045-1093) and Saint. She was the wife of Malcolm III and was a pious woman devoted to the Church and to charitable works.

In 1964 accommodation for the University's women students was offered at Queen Margaret Hall which comprised five different buildings, housing 114 women students and six members of the University's teaching staff.

A new Hall of Residence was built in Bellshaugh Road to accommodate growing student numbers and was designed by architect Walter NW Ramsay. The building was officially opened on 6 November 1964 by Lady Ogilvie, Principal of St. Anne's College, Oxford.

The Hall took the form of a south facing open quadrangle bounded by two large wings of study-bedrooms; these were linked at the north end by a central block and main entrance. A small water garden and fountain surrounded by massive blocks of stone brought from the shore at Kilcreggan were architectural features which focussed the attention of the quadrangle.

The central block contained curving wood surfaces, mainly in afrormosia and other teak-coloured woods, which were considered a special feature of the Hall. The wood was emphasized by a chandelier of lacquered copper lights hanging above the staircase from an oval wooden-sparred ceiling. The two wings of study bedrooms were named the Galloway block and the Melville block, commemorating the early pioneers of Queen Margaret College and the houses in Bute Gardens: Galloway House was named after Janet Anne Galloway; and Melville House was named after Frances Melville . The Hall also held a library, located near the dinning-hall, which was considered one of the most delightful and most successful parts of the Hall.

The residence was extended in 1967 and was opened to men as well as women students at this time. The building was demolished in 2000 and more modern student accommodation were erected on the site, named the Queen Margaret Residence, opening in September 2002.


Queen Margaret Hall (1964-2000)
Bellshaugh Road
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