Joseph Jones Monroe

Biography of Joseph Jones Monroe

Joseph Jones Monroe was born in Westmoreland county, Virginia, in 1764. His parents were Spence and Elizabeth Monroe. Elizabeth's brother was Judge Joseph Jones, who was a member of Congress and judge of the General Court, and Joseph Jones Monroe was named after him. Joseph Jones Monroe's eldest brother was James Monroe, who in 1817 became the 5th President of the United States of America.

Joseph Jones Monroe matriculated at the University of Glasgow in 1786. He then returned to Virginia, where he married his first wife, Elizabeth Kerr, in 1790. They had two daughters, Harriett Forbes Monroe and Lucy Jane Monroe. Elizabeth died in childbirth when giving birth to their second child in 1800. Monroe would go on to remarry three times: to Sally Gordon in 1801; Elizabeth Glassock in 1808, and Hulda Hubbard in 1821.

Joseph Hones Monroe became a member of the Albemarle Count bar. He served as private secretary to his brother, president James Monroe, and was Clerk of the District and Circuit Court of Northumberland County, Virginia. In 1811 he was appointed Commonwealth Attorney of Albemarle County.

Joseph Jones Monroe died on the 5th of August, 1824, in Franklin County, Missouri.


Joseph Jones Monroe
Born 1764.
Died 5 August 1824.
University Link: GU Degree: 1786;
Occupation categories: lawyers; solicitors
Record last updated: 30th Jul 2019

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