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Alexander Beveridge's matriculation slip, 1958-1959
Alexander Beveridge's matriculation slip, 1958-1959

Alexander ‘Sandy’ Beveridge graduated from the University of Glasgow BSc in 1961 and PhD in 1964. He grew up in Clarkston, Glasgow, and attended Eastwood Secondary. His father William Adamson worked in the civil service.

Beveridge matriculated at the university in 1958 to study Chemistry. He then went onto study for a PhD in inorganic chemistry which he finished in 1964. He graduated in absentia as he left to live in Canada with his Anne (née Sloss). Beveridge later returned to Britain do post-doctorate research at the Cambridge University, but eventually emigrated to North America.

In the course of his 50-year career, Beveridge was a forensic chemist, author, lawyer and teacher. He headed up the Chemistry section of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for 30 years. He was also a fellow of the Chemical Institute of Canada. In addition to his Glasgow degrees, Beveridge earned an MBA at the University of Alberta and an LLB at the University of British Columbia. An internationally recognised forensic explosives expert, he served as editor of both editions of Forensic Investigations of Explosions (Taylor & Francis, 2012).


Alexander Beveridge
Born 17 February 1940.
Died 28 December 2014.
University Link: GU Degrees: BSc, 1961; Chemistry, PhD, 1964; Chemistry,
Occupation categories: chemists
Record last updated: 24th Nov 2016

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