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Veljko Drignakovitch, Student Schedule, 1916-17
Veljko Drignakovitch, Student Schedule, 1916-17

Veljko Drignakovitch was a student at the University of Glasgow between 1916 and 1918. He was born on 24th August 1892 in Tchatchak, Serbia. His father, Andra, was a priest who spent time as a prisoner of war in 1917 but had died by the time his son left the University in 1918.

When he was 25 years old Drignakovitch first matriculated at the University. He studied Mathematics, Natural Philosophy and Chemistry in his first year, added Engineering Drawing to his list in his second year, and culminated his time at Glasgow studying Engineering, Geology and Civil Engineering Drawing in his third year.

Drignakovitch did not graduate but left at the end of the 1917-1918 session. Our records do not indicate whether or not he had a degree in view when arriving at Glasgow, but it was common for overseas students to pursue studies independently of a degree.

After he left Glasgow, it seems as if Drignakovitch wished to pursue a career in the United States of America.


Veljko Drignakovitch
Born August 1892.
Died 1985.
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