William Cathcart

Biography of William Cathcart

William Cathcart attended the University of Glasgow in 1746. He was born in Glasgow, son of Glaswegian merchant, William Hugh Cathcart. His father was described in 1732 by historian John M'Ure as associated with ‘the great company which arose, undertaking the trade to Virginea (sic), Carriby-islands, Barbadoes, New England, St. Christophers, Monserat, and other Colonies in America’. As such, Hugh Cathcart was one of the leading merchants in early eighteenth-century Glasgow. William continued in his father's chosen trade, but on the other side of the Atlantic, in Jamaica. Whilst little is known about the younger Cathcart’s activities in Jamaica, he would have been present amongst high numbers of Scots on the island who worked as merchants, planters, overseers, bookkeepers, doctors, surgeons and overseers in an economy based upon chattel slavery.


William Cathcart
Born 1730.
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GU Degree: Arts, 1746;
Occupation categories: merchants
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