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John (Jim) Weir graduated from the University MA1920, PhD 1925, and DSc 1932.

Jim Weir is recorded in the prize lists as winning a second class certificate for ‘Mining’ during his undergraduate degree. He went on to achieve a PhD in 1925 with the thesis 'Brachiopoda, Lamellibranchiata, Gastropoda and Belemnites from British Somaliland’. His DSc thesis was called: 'British & Belgian carboniferous Bellerophontidae, with additional papers’.

Jim became a lecturer of Palaeontology at the University in 1923. He changed subject and became a lecturer in Geology in 1949 until his retirement in 1962.

During WWI Jim served as a miner along with other members of the University Geology department, headed by Edward Bailey. They had the especially dangerous task of mining under the trenches of the enemy to plant explosives. His lungs were quite badly affected in a chlorine gas attack though he survived the War and returned to continue his studies and then to lecture and accompany students on the two-week Geology Easter field excursions.


John Weir
Born 18 July 1896.
University Link: Graduate, Lecturer
GU Degrees: MA, 1920; PhD, 1925; DSc, 1932;
Record last updated: 17th Mar 2014

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