Robert Bogle

Biography of Robert Bogle

Robert Bogle matriculated at the University of Glasgow in 1777. He was a member a large merchant family; his father Michael Bogle, along with three of his uncles (Robert, Archibald and George) and his cousin Alan, also matriculated at the University and became merchants. Additionally, although not specified as a merchant, his uncle John Bogle died in the East Indies.

Robert Bogle died in Tobago in 1791.

After it was subsumed into the British Empire in 1763, the island attracted high numbers of Scots and was soon afterwards described by the Deputy Provost Marshall, Lachlan Campbell, as a ‘Scotch colony’. Although his exact role on the island is unclear, it is likely Robert Bogle was either working on or was the resident owner of a cotton estate and enslaved people.


Robert Bogle
Born 1761.
Died 10 March 1791.
University Link: Student
GU Degree: Arts, 1777-1778;
Occupation categories: merchants
Record last updated: 1st Jul 2019

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