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Archibald Bowman
Archibald Bowman

Archibald Ian Bowman graduated MA with Honours on 14 November 1936. He was the son of Archibald Allan Bowman, Professor of Logic and Rhetoric, 1925 to 1927, and Professor of Moral Philosophy from 1927 until 1936, and Mabel Stewart.

Bowman was born on 11th May 1915 in Princeton, New Jersey while his father was Professor of Logic at Princeton University. He was the brother of Alastair and Mary Bowman.

Bowman attended the High School of Glasgow before enrolling at the University in 1932 at the age of 17. Whilst in Glasgow, his home address was ‘4, The University, Glasgow’.

He studied under the Faculty of Arts and took such classes as Latin (both Ordinary, Higher, and Honours), Greek (Ordinary, Higher, and Honours), Mathematics, Moral Philosophy, Metaphysics, and Logic.

Bowman also received prizes during his four years at the University, including a Certificates of Distinction in Latin (1932) and Latin Intermediate (1933) taught by Professor William Rennie; a Second Class Certificate in Logic taught by Professor H.J. Paton (1933); a First Class Certificate of Merit in Moral Philosophy (1934) taught by his father; and a Certificate of Distinction in Latin Honours taught by Professor Christian Fordyce (1935).

After receiving his MA degree, Bowman joined the Indian Civil Service, United Provinces, in 1937 and remained there until 1947. During the Second World War, he took part in the Lushai Hills Total Defence Scheme and 'V' Force, 1942-44. He subsequently took the post of Assistant Registrar at University College in Ibadan, Nigeria, where he lived for several years. He returned to Glasgow and became a teacher at Falkirk Technical College. He died on 27 October 1987.

Correspondence between the Bowman children and their parents is held by the University of Glasgow Archives and Special Collections.


Archibald Ian Bowman
Born 11 May 1915.
Died 27 October 1987.
University Link: Graduate
GU Degree: MA, 1936; Arts,
Occupation categories: civil servants; teachers
Record last updated: 3rd Nov 2022

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