Yosohachi Nakajima

Biography of Yosohachi Nakajima

Yosohachi Nakajima was born in Shizuoka Prefecture. He graduated from the Naval Engineering College in 1887, and became a Lieutenant of the Naval Engineering Department in 1892.

He was dispatched to Britain in 1893 as an officer charged with bringing out the ship Yoshino, and subsequently was sent to the front of First Sino-Japanese War.

From June 1899, Nakajima attended the University of Glasgow, where he took classes in Engineering, Physics, Mathematics and Naval Architecture. In the first year, he also attended the evening classed at the Royal Technical College (Strathclyde University).

Upon his return to Japan, Nakajima obtained the degree of Doctor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1915, and was sppointed Vice Admiral in 1916. He was appointed Engineering Manager in Kure Arsenal as a Rear Admiral in 1945. Facing the period of technical transaction, Nakajima contributed to the smooth conversion from coal to petroleum, and from piston engine to steam turbine.


Yosohachi Nakajima
Born 12 March 1868.
Died 6 October 1929.
University Link: Student
GU Degree: Science and Engineering, 1899-1901;
Occupation categories: military
Record last updated: 15th Apr 2013

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