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Thomas Garvine, matriculation 1708
Thomas Garvine, matriculation 1708

Thomas Garvine, or Garvin as recorded, studied under Gerschom Carmichael in 1708, and was apprenticed to John Marshall, surgeon of Glasgow, keeper of the University's physic garden and lecturer of Botany from 1704.

Born in Ayrshire, Garvine became a surgeon in St Petersburg in 1713, during the reign of Czar Peter the Great. He was also sent on the first Russian medical mission to China in 1715, where he mastered the Chinese method of smallpox inoculation.

Garvine returned to Scotland after 1718, and practiced as a doctor in Ayr, where he was elected Provost of the town, reportedly for a record fourteen terms between 1724 and 1755.


Thomas Garvine
Born 1685.
Died 1756.
University Link: Student
GU Degree: Arts, 1708;
Occupation categories: surgeons
Record last updated: 22nd Nov 2012

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