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Beate Popperwell, courtesy of Verein Orpheus Trust
Beate Popperwell, courtesy of Verein Orpheus Trust

Beate Wiznitzer was born on 29 December 1924 in Cern─âuti, Romania (modern day Czernowitz, Ukraine), daughter of Meadel, a businessman. Beate moved to Vienna aged six, where she took private music lessons with Julius Isserlis. However, on account of Beate being from a German-speaking Jewish family, she was helped by her piano teacher to move to London in 1938 to avoid Nazi persecution.

In the UK, Beate graduated BA Hons in Modern and Medieval Language from the University of Cambridge. In 1946 she enrolled at the University of Glasgow as a PhD Research Student within Arts. Her research topic on the Creative Forces in German Literature from 1880 to 1914 was supervised by Prof. H. Smith, but never completed as Beate left the University after 2 years, in 1948.

She married Stanley Popperwell and became known as a music and piano teacher at the Welsh College of Music and Drama, Cardiff University. Beate died in 2001, in Cardiff.


Beate Popperwell
Born 29 December 1924.
Died 2001.
University Link: Researcher
GU Degree: Arts, 1946-1948;
Occupation categories: lecturers; musicians
Record last updated: 21st Nov 2012

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  • Researcher

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