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Maria Przybylska
Maria Przybylska

Maria Przybylska (née Kolasa) graduated BSc in Pure Science in 1946. She was born in Warsaw, Poland. Przybylska matriculated at the University in 1940-1941, aged 18, and was accompanied at the University two years later by her father, Władysław Kolasa, an officer in the Polish Army during the Second World War.

As a student in the Faculty of Science, Przybylska took courses in Chemistry, Natural Philosophy, Mathematics, Physiology, and Organic Chemistry. She later went on to complete a PhD at the University under Professor John Monteith Robertson in 1949, which involved the study of and culminated in a thesis entitled The crystal structure of quinol dimethyl ether.

Upon graduation in 1949, Przybylska married a fellow University of Glasgow student, Wacław Przybylski. They moved together to Canada where Przybylska was appointed to the National Research Council of Canada's Division of Applied Chemistry in 1951. She would work there for nearly five decades, studying alkaloid structures, small organic compounds and immunochemistry, among other areas. Over and above from her position, research and collaborative projects, Przybylska also authored 70 publications over the span of fifty years.


Maria Przybylska
Born 2 March 1923, Warsaw, Poland.
Died 18 October 2008.
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
GU Degrees: BSc, 1946; Science and Engineering, PhD, 1949; Science and Engineering,
Occupation categories: chemists
Record last updated: 21st Mar 2013

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