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Charles Feldveber, 1920-21
Charles Feldveber, 1920-21

Karl August Feldveber (1897-1983) graduated BSc from the University in 1922. He was one of the first mining engineers in Estonia. He organised training seminars for mining specialists, which later grew into Virumaa mining school in J├Áhvi - the first Mining School in Estonia.

Karl was born in Valgamaa, Estonia, to a family of farmers. He attended the Petrograd Mining Institute in Russia from 1915 to 1918 due to lack of training opportunities in Estonia, as mining of oil shale and phosphate rock began there only in the 1920s.

Upon Karl's return to Estonia, the War of Independence had broken out and he enlisted in the Estonian Army (1918-1920). Karl resumed his studies in Glasgow in 1920, being one of the major centres for research in mining of oil shale at that time. He studied at the Glasgow Royal Technical College, and the University of Glasgow from where he graduated in 1922 with a BSc in Engineering. Karl then returned to Estonia to continue working in his field, becoming the director of the Kukrus Mine in 1925. He also took part in designing mines and carrying out scientific research related to mining. Having received excellent education in both theoretical and practical issues of management and administration of coal and oil shale mines, he began teaching the foremen and mining technologists; thus laying the foundation for the first school that trained mining specialists in Estonia.

Karl lectured at Tallinn University of Technology (1938-44) until he emigrated with his wife and three children during the war; first to Germany (1944-50) and then to the USA (Los Angeles), where he changed his name to Karl Tanner. He continued his career as an engineer, taking part in projects of road and tunnel building. He was also active in the local Estonian Association, becoming chairman of the organisation Eesti Maja. He died in California in 1983.


Charles August Feldveber
Born 4 December 1897, Valgamaa, Estonia.
Died 14 November 1983.
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate
GU Degree: BSc , 1922; Science and Engineering,
Occupation categories: engineers, mining
Record last updated: 5th Mar 2013

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