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Marion McCutcheon- Graduation
Marion McCutcheon- Graduation

Marion (May) McCutcheon was born on the 4th of March 1888, the daughter of Marion and Alexander McCutcheon. Her father, Alexander, was a Joiner who worked on the Culzean Castle estate. Marion (May) also had a sister named Elizabeth. The family resided in Sunnyside, Culzean, Maybole- on the estate in which her father worked.

Marion McCutcheon began her studies for an MA (Arts) degree at the University in 1907, enrolling for classes in Latin and Mathematics and residing during the term time in 'c/o Miss Moore (at) 16 Gibson Street, Hillhead, Glasgow.'In her final year (Session 1910-1911) Marion enrolled for classes in Moral Philosophy and resided during the term time in'c/o Miss Nicolson (at) 23 Smith Street, Hillhead Glasgow.' Throughout her time of study she continued (out-with the term time) to reside at her home address in 'Sunnyside, Culzean, Maybole.'

Marion McCutcheon graduated with an MA degree in 1911. After graduation, Marion became a teacher in Glasgow. Later, she taught at the Maidens school (Ayrshire) where she was also able to buy her own property. She taught at the Maidens school for 30 years and was noted to have been 'a tower of strength to the school (and) a stable element in its life.' Additionally, in her teaching, she was described by the headmaster of the school, Mr John Finlayson, (upon her retirement in 1950) as having a 'high sense of duty, and that thoroughness which, both by precept and example, she managed to convey to her pupils. Her teaching reached a high standard making it (...)both easy and hard for the person who came to fill her place.'

Marion McCutcheon took part in numerous other activities whilst employed as a teacher, acting as a clerk to the Congregational Board of the Church and working with the Girl Guides where she was 'known to everyone, and was beyond all praise.' Marion (May) McCutcheon died in 1951.


Marion (May) McCutcheon
Born 4 March 1888.
University Link: Alumnus, Graduate, Student
GU Degree: MA, 1911;
Occupation categories: Alumni; Graduate; school teachers; students; teachers
Additional Information: R3/1/1 (vol 2). Additional information and images kindly supplied by Marion's relative, Sheila Saunders.
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