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Thomas Brisbane was the first Regius Professor of Botany and Anatomy at the University, 1720 to 1742.

Brisbane was the son of another physician, Matthew Brisbane, who had been elected Rector of the University in 1677. The first Professor of Botany and Anatomy was required to teach Botany from 15 May to 1 July each year if five students offered, and to teach Anatomy if ten students offered. However, Bribane found dissection distasteful and would not teach Anatomy, prompting students to complain to the Faculty. In 1730 a local surgeon, John Paisley (William Cullen was one of Paisley's apprentices), was recruited to teach the subject instead, and other surgeons were subsequently permitted to teach Anatomy in the College buildings.


Thomas Brisbane
Physician and Botanist

Died 27 March 1742.
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Occupation categories: botanists; physicians
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