Sir Archibald Orr Ewing 1st Baronet

Biography of Sir Archibald Orr Ewing 1st Baronet

Sir Archibald Orr Ewing, 1st Baronet (1847-1893) was an alumnus of the University who was Rector's Assessor, 1866 to 1869, and Dean of Faculties from 1872 to 1876. He donated £5,000 to the fund for the erection of the University buildings at Gilmorehill and was the founder of the Orr Ewing Bursaries in 1877.

Orr Ewing was born in Glasgow, originally named Archibald Ewing. He attended classes at the University in the 1830s and became a turkey-red dyer in the Vale of Leven, adding Orr to his surname at the request of his brother John Orr Ewing, who assisted him in establishing his business. Orr Ewing became one of the leading businessmen in the West of Scotland. He was Glasgow's Dean of Guild from 1863 to 1865 and Conservative MP for Dunbartonshire from 1868 to 1892. He was created a baronet in 1886.


Sir Archibald Orr Ewing 1st Baronet
Turkey-red Dyer and Politician

Born 4 January 1818, Glasgow, Scotland.
Died 28 November 1893.
University Link: Alumnus, Benefactor, Dean of Faculties
Occupation categories: industrialists; politicians
Record last updated: 27th Mar 2008

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