Johann Dietrich Philipp Christian Theodor Ebeling

Biography of Johann Dietrich Philipp Christian Theodor Ebeling

Johann Dietrich Philipp Christian Ebeling (1753 - 1795), German doctor, writer, and translator, graduated from the University of Glasgow in MA and MD in 1779.

Born in Lüneburg, a port town 50km south-east of Hamburg, Ebeling was the fifth of five children born to Johann Justus Ebeling, a Lutheran minister, and Sophia Elisabeth Walbaum. His eldest brother was the scholar Christoph Daniel Ebeling (1741-1817), Teacher of History and Greek at the Hamburg Gymnasium (High School), Director of the Hamburg City Library, and author of a Geography and History of North America (5 vols., Hamburg, 1796-1816).

Ebeling was educated at Lüneburg, and Rostock, before coming to the University of Glasgow to study Medicine. In the preliminary note to his translation of William Cullen’s Materia Medica, Ebeling acknowledges the standing of his Professor, ‘who has successfully practiced the art of medicine for over 50 years and has been teaching for almost 30 years at one of the most famous medical Universities in Europe.’ He graduated MD in 1779 with his dissertation Dissertatio medica inauguralis de quassia et lichene islandico.

Returning to Germany, Ebeling he practiced medicine in Parchim, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, and in Hamburg. He also continued to publish various German translations, and contributed to his brother, Christoph Daniel’s growing body of travel literature in German.


Johann Dietrich Philipp Christian Theodor Ebeling
Born 31 October 1753.
Died 1795.
University Link: Graduate
GU Degrees: MA, 1779; MD, 1779;
Occupation categories: physicians
Record last updated: 14th Nov 2012

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