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Margaret Grhame, Grham or Grahame (fl 1640) was the widow of John Boyd of Kirkdyke in Kilmarnock. She bequeathed 2,500 marks "to be bestowed upon the most spiritual and best uses whereby God may be best honored" and entrusted John Stewart, Provost of Ayr, and David Dickson, a preacher in Glasgow, to allocate the money accordingly.

In 1641 Dickson and Stewart decided that the annual income from 1,500 marks should be allocated to increase the College Library, and from 1,000 marks should be given to a theology student to "collect the rarest passagis of God's providence, justice and mercy fallen furth in the memory of famous persones liveing", and to record them in a book for posterity. The bequest was entrusted to the care of the Provost and bailies of Glasgow, with the consent and advice of Dickson and Stewart and, after their deaths, of the Principal and the Professors of Divinity at the College.


Margaret Grahame
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