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Charles I
Charles I

Charles I (1600-1649), King of England, Scotland, and Ireland, was born in Scotland and reigned from 1625 until his execution in 1649. The King was well disposed towards the University, and in June 1630 he granted a Charter of Confirmation confirming all the foundations, rights and revenues previously conferred on it, as well as yearly sums of £1,000 Scots to the Principal and 400 marks to the first regent, 300 to the second, 200 to the third and 100 to the fourth.

In July 1633 Charles subscribed £200 sterling to the College building fund. However, the subscription was never paid by the monarch and the University had to wait until 1654 for the money. Ironically it was finally paid by Oliver Cromwell, who was one of the politicians who had signed Charles' death warrant in London five years earlier.


King Charles I
Born 19 November 1600.
Died 30 January 1649.
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Occupation categories: monarchs
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