Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet

Biography of Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet

The Jean Monnet Chair of European Law was founded in 1972 and named for Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet (1888-1978), the man recognised as the architect of European Union.

Monnet was born in France and in 1919 was appointed Secretary general of the United Nations. He resigned in 1923 to manage his family business but continued to work as an international financier. He advised President Roosevelt during the Second World War and led the economic revitalisation of France. In 1950 he proposed the integration of the French and German steel and coal industries, preparing the way for the creation of the European Community. The European Council proclaimed him an Honorary Citizen of Europe in 1976.


Jean Omer Marie Gabriel Monnet
Architect of European Union

Born 9 November 1888.
Died 1979.
Occupation categories: financiers
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