Muirhead Trust


The Muirhead Trust was set up by the will of Henry Muirhead (1814-1890), a physician who left funds to found and maintain "an institution for the instruction of women in physical and biological sciences" and to provide courses which would "fit them to become medical practitioners, dentists, electricians, chemists etc...". All the original trustees were women. The Trust was later incorporated by Statute under the Muirhead Trust Confirmation Order Act of 1910.

The Muirhead Trust was unable to realise its initial objective, to build and partially endow a college for the medical education of women. However, in 1911 the trustees endowed the University's Muirhead Chair of Medicine and the Muirhead Chair of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, as well as the St Mungo Chair of Surgery and the St Mungo-Notman Chair of Pathology. It was a condition of the awards that the courses in these subjects should be open to women on the same terms as male students.

Today, the Trust provides funding for female students who are of Scottish origin and almost entirely for those who are studying in Scotland. It is primarily concerned with assisting those who are intending to pursue careers as medical practitioners, veterinary medical practitioners, pharmacists, nurses, dentists, scientists and engineers.


Muirhead Trust
Founded in 1890.

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