Horse Trust


The Horse Trust is a charity providing support for veterinary education and equine welfare. It provided funding for the Weipers Centre for Equine Welfare, a 6 million state-of-the-art facility dedicated to providing medical care for horses, ponies and donkeys.

The charity began life in 1886 as the Home of Rest for Horses, set up by Miss Ann Lindo for horses, mules and donkeys at a farm in Sudbury, near London. The home moved on several occasions over the years, but the number of working horses had declined to such an extent by the 1960s that it was decided to create a charitable foundation to give grants to other charitable organisations concerned with the welfare of horses. The HRH became the UK's leading funder of equine welfare projects. It was officially renamed the Horse Trust in September 2006.


Horse Trust
Also known as: Home of Rest for Horses
Founded in 1886.

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