Our Heritage

From its modest beginnings in the Chapter House of Glasgow Cathedral to the present-day campus, the University of Glasgow has seen centuries of transformation, preservation, and innovation.

Remembering our People

The University has always stood as a beacon of truth, integrity, excellence, and respect, principles evident in our motto, "The Way, The Truth, The Life." Here we provide access to the names of those who were enshrined in the University Role of Honour for their wartime service.

This online space not only showcases their contributions but also extends an invitation to descendants to enrich our records, ensuring that the essence of every individual endures.

World War One

From the First World War, discover stories of students, staff, and alumni whose names grace the Memorial Panels in our Chapel. Their aspirations and pursuits echo ours today, despite a world transformed since the Great War. Please explore our World War One Roll of Honour.

World War Two

Delving into the Second World War era, our Roll of Honour stands as a tribute, with memorial tablets dedicated in 1948, now housed in the University Chapel. Search our World War Two Roll of Honour.