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Charles Gordon Macdonald


Lieutenant Charles Gordon Macdonald was a graduate of the University of Glasgow (MA 1910 and BD 1913), as well as a member of the University Officers Training Corps. He served with the 6th Battalion Cameronians (Scottish Rifles) along with other University of Glasgow men 2nd Lieutenant Gilbert Kennedy and 2nd Lieutenant John Wilson. All three died on the 15th June 1915.

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The following biography is reproduced from the Hillhead High School War Memorial Volume:

Born on 7th March 1889, he was marked from early years by the original and independent bent of his mind and by his abhorrence of well-worn grooves. At the University he showed the same independence, and shocked his professors and fellow-students by sitting for honours in English in the third year, a venture that usually spells disaster. Not so in his case, however, as he came out a brilliant first.

The Church, with its old traditions and new opportunities had an irresistible attraction for his mystic and spiritual temperament.

After a brilliant course in the Theological Hall he was appointed in May 1914, as assistant in Hamilton Parish. He was one of the first ministers in the Church to place himself unreservedly in the hands of the military authorities. After a lengthy training in this country, at the monotony of which he sometimes rebelled, he was sent to France. At Festubert on 15th June 1915, while charging at the head of his men, he was mortally wounded. The chaplain writing home said;

"Our battalion was put in the forefront of the attack, and Lieutenant Macdonald was in the foremost company. He was very seriously wounded soon after they made the charge, and must have died almost immediately. The regiment has lost a valued officer, and I a valued friend and assistant."

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Memorial Place: Commonwealth War Graves Commissi