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Alexander Miller Stirling


Alexander Miller Stirling was born in Renton Dumbartonshire, around the year 1895. He was the son of a minister, the Reverend Timothy Wightman Stirling.

Memorial chapel at the University of Glasgow
The Memorial Chapel at the University of Glasgow

Obituary from the Hillhead High School War Memorial Volume:

"Private Stirling's career as a soldier was short but highly honourable. He had no love for soldiering as such, but saw clearly that personal consideration should sink before national needs, and after more than one rejection he was enrolled in His Majesty's Forces. At Hillhead High School, Private Stirling took a high place in his classes, excelling especially in Latin and Greek. He took a great interest in all school games, but was an invaluable member of the Rugby team.

On leaving School he entered the University, gaining a United Free Church Scholarship of GBP20 for three years. At the close of his first (and alas, his last session) he passed in Greek, Latin and Mathematics for the degree of MA. Private Stirling had a very high sense of duty and an extreme conscientiousness, and it seemed to his friends that he was predestined for the Ministry.

His own inclinations led strongly that way also, but when war broke out he joined the 16th Battalion Highland Light Infantry (HLI) and went into training at Gailes in North Ayrshire. There he contracted scarlet fever, to which he succumbed on 12th December, 1914, after one day in hospital. His death was a great blow to his comrades in the camp, in the Church and in the University."

Comments and Citations

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Memorial Place: Commonwealth War Graves Commission - Debt of